Six Stages: Policies and Procedures

This document sets out the B.C. Treaty Commission's policies and procedures for Stages 1 - 4 of the 6-stage treaty negotiations process coordinated by the Treaty Commission. It also sets out the Treaty Commission's basic policies on Dispute Resolution and Interim Measures.
Stage 1: Statement of Intent to Negotiate
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Policies and Procedures Links:
Filing Statement of Intent to Negotiate a Treaty
Criteria for Stage 1
Amending a Statement of Intent
Directive: Amendments to a First Nation's Map of Its
Traditional Territory (pdf)
Procedure for receiving Statements of Intent and Revised
Traditional Territory Maps
Returning a Statement of Intent
Stage 2: Readiness To Negotiate
Policies and Procedures Links:
Preparing for Negotiations and Assessing Readiness
Initial meeting of the Three Parties
Readiness submission: Process and Assessment
Procedure for assessment of party readiness and table readiness
Stage 3: Negotiation Of a Framework Agreement
Policies and Procedures Links:
Framework Agreement Negotiations
Monitoring by the Commission
Reporting by the Commission
Stage 4: Negotiation Of An Agreement In Principle
Policies and Procedures Links:
Negotiating an Agreement in Principle
Monitoring by the Commission
Reporting by the Commission
Stage 5: Negotiation to Finalize a Treaty
Stage 6: Implementation of the Treaty
Policies and Procedures Links:
Addendum (December 15, 1999)
Dispute Resolution Services
Interim Measures
Policies and Procedures Links:
Appendix A: Sample Statement of Intent
Appendix B: Framework Agreement Negotiation Progress Report
Appendix C: Sample Tripartite Workplan
Appendix D: Agreement in Principle Negotiation Progress Report
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